Although primary guidance and direction comes from our “A” Team (Above!), the members of our “B” T(Below!) carry out all of the earthly tasks. You can meet them here:

Bev Garlipp coordinates “Team Giesemann”. She is our one-person HR and training department, project manager, and assistant to Suzanne. She handles event listings and promotions.

Lynette Setzkorn maintains the readings schedule and organizes podcasts. She handles interview & booking requests and special projects as assistant to Suzanne.

Valerie Kwietniak is the ultimate coordinator and caring dispatcher of our email. She assists with social media, event registrations, and creates the newsletter.

Jayesh Mitha is our tech genius. He maintains The Awakened Way app and our website, and brings his expertise and skill to our graphics and videos.

Stephanie Pfennig is our master of projects. She handles the planning, organizing, and administration of special assignments.

How Do I Get a Reading with Suzanne?

Suzanne has a multi-year waiting list for readings.  Because of this, she is not accepting new requests for readings at this time, and very, very rarely does a cancellation arise.  When the status of reading requests changes, we will note it here.  For those who are currently on the waiting list and have a question regarding your place in line, please contact Lynette.

How Do I Get A Message To Suzanne To Let Her Know How Much She Has Helped Me?

Suzanne appreciates very much knowing how her messages of hope have helped you. The best way to share this is to leave a comment on one of the Daily Way posts at or on her Facebook page. Suzanne reads and appreciates every comment, however, please understand that she cannot possibly respond to each comment.

How Do I Ask Suzanne a Question?

Suzanne enjoys answering your questions on her “Messages of Hope” podcast. She also answers questions submitted during her Monthly Connection sessions held online once a month.  Please note that the podcasts and webinars are not the time to ask personal questions. Suzanne welcomes questions that will benefit the group of listeners. Due to the volume of questions, Suzanne cannot personally answer questions by email

The answers to many of your questions can be found throughout Suzanne’s website and most especially on the Big Questions, Big Answers page.  This is a treasury of answers that have been given by Suzanne directly as well as from Spirit through her guides, Sanaya.

So many who reach out to Suzanne are seeking guidance for dealing with challenges in their life.  Suzanne’s goal is to inspire you and teach you to find the answers the same way she does:  by tapping into the greatest Source of answers available — your own innate connection to Awareness.  Many who reach out because they are facing choices already know the answer in their heart.

Please take advantage of the many resources Suzanne shares to lead you to your own answers.  These include the free gifts of meditations, presentations, and e-books on her Gifts Page and the wisdom shared daily in The Daily Way messages (which you can sign up to receive automatically by email each day).  It is amazing how many times someone comments on a Daily Way message, “That was for me!  It is an answer I needed right now.”

Please use the following emails to reach us:

Any issues regarding The Awakened Way App:

All inquiries except media and event bookings:

All requests for interviews, possible events, or appearances on the “Messages of Hope” radio show:

Answers to Your Questions:

It is not feasable for Suzanne to personally answer the hundreds of questions she receives each week. Please take advantage of the many free resources on her website and YouTube Community Page to find the answers you need. Be sure to check her “Big Questions, Big Answers” page. The latter will provide you excellent guidance as to how to best move forward with peace and increase your sense of connection to guides, loved ones, and your own higher self. The best answers come from tuning in to higher Consciousness yourself. Trust us, you can do this!