So many times when I’m inspired, I can’t help but think, “Why don’t all of us understand these truths that make our lives so much more peaceful?”  Just now while organizing my thoughts and notes for my April “W-holy You!” retreat at Unity Village, I was working on a module that I’m calling “Born Free.”  I’ll be using the metaphor of the lion as our tamed animal (ego) nature to help us find our wholeness and experience the freedom that results.  I found these comments from a man who attended one of my Serving Spirit classes:

“I learned a great deal that I feel was life changing.  The piece you shared that hit home was about the lion.  It made it so clear why my meditation is not progressing.  I do enjoy meditation immensely, and I look forward to doing it.  My lion (unfortunately, mine is cowardly) feels like all there is of me.  I never understood until taking your class that moving further comes from love.  You say that in your meditations, but in the past I skipped over that not knowing what it meant or how to feel it.  I have a path now.  I know what to focus on.”

Oh my.  We are here to let our light shine!  When we identify with the role we play and the costume we wear, that costume casts a shadow.  The shadow and the lion analogy are pretty much the same.  Happily, we are more than the roles and their inherent shadows.  We are beautiful souls who are here to let our light shine.  The less weight we give the costume, the less influence the shadow/lion has.

We are souls … born free.  And then we become chained to the role we assume, forgetting our divinity.  Learning to tame the lion with understanding, awareness, and Self love can be downright joyous!

I’m so grateful to have been given so much good teaching to share about this vital topic.  Even if you can’t join me at Unity Village, may these little reminders help you to live The Awakened Way℠.