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In the brand-new, 8-week “Cosmic Forces Shaping a Whole New Future” Masterclass, acclaimed spiritual teachers Suzanne Giesemann and Patricia Cota-Robles will not only share with you the most important messages that higher beings want you to know … They will teach you how to develop your abilities to interact with these higher beings and to radically expand your own consciousness. 

Being human often leads to emotional and psychological challenges that can be difficult to overcome on your own. The good news is that you are in relationship with the cosmic forces of the Universe at all times and when you learn to work in concert with them, you will know who you truly are and this will, in turn, change the way you see yourself and others, and you’ll experience the joy of watching how life unfolds around you.

Join Suzanne and Patricia to gain this and more:

  • Realize that higher beings are always in communion with you at the soul level and stand ready to help you in any way they can
  • Access your soul senses, understand how they work, and how they differ from your five physical senses
  • Experience connection with any aspect of higher consciousness you choose, whether that be your cosmic team of guides, loved ones in spirit, master teachers, or any other non-physical beings whose wisdom, guidance, teaching, or comfort you wish to access
  • Simply dissolve disagreements with others while remaining in a state of peace
  • Remain in an integrated state, in alignment with the wisdom of the cosmos, guided in each moment by higher consciousness
  • Understand that what is occurring on Earth during this cosmic moment is an event for which humanity has been preparing for lifetimes
  • Access the awesome power you have beyond your knowing and the simple process of claiming that power to fulfill your Divine mission
  • Understand the process your earthly body is going through as you ascend into higher and higher frequencies of Light
  • Empower new heart-based matrices and patterns of perfection you would like to exist in the new world humanity is in the process of co-creating

The course is hosted by the international non-profit organization, HUMANITY’S TEAM whose mission is to help people throughout the world awaken to the interconnectedness—or Oneness—of everything in the Universe.

You can find detailed descriptions of all 16 modules at the link below.

(Please note – there is no “end date” for the course even though our calendar listing defaults to an end date.)

There are two ways to enroll in the course.  You may purchase a single enrollment in the course or enroll in the course as part of a membership in the Humanity’s Team Stream+ program.  This second option gives you access to hundreds of courses, interaction with instructors and fellow students, and much more for one year.  Check out the details when you click the button below.

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