Mastering the Medium Mindset . . . . . 10 Week Live Online Course

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Supercharge Your Evidential Mediumship Skills to Trust Your Ability to
Effortlessly Connect with Spirit.

If you feel called to mediumship, you already know it’s not just something you dabble in — it’s a way of life. If you’re serious about supercharging your evidential mediumship skills to effortlessly connect with spirit, this one-of-a-kind course is for you!

Experience a unique opportunity to be mentored by and learn from mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann. Your ability to connect with spirit, facilitate accurate readings, and feel comfortable and confident in sessions depends on your mindset. Suzanne will share wisdom, techniques, and practices so you can adopt this all-encompassing perspective that makes your readings — and the moments in your life — the best they can be.

Suzanne’s teaching is divinely inspired and much course content has been given to her directly by her guides in spirit known as “Sanaya”. These guides are present to share insights and answer questions in class sessions. Suzanne’s teachings are always backed by evidence from her communications with spirit.

Suzanne teaching Sedona 2021

The medium mindset can improve your readings as a medium, and become your new way of life! Learn ways to improve your readings and every part of your life.

This new course is designed for students who have taken an evidential mediumship course from Suzanne and understand the basics of mediumship. You do not have to be a practicing medium.

HOWEVER, If you would like to take this advanced course, but have not taken an evidential mediumship course from Suzanne, there is an option to purchase a course package that includes the recordings of her 7-week “Foundations of Evidential Mediumship” course and you are asked to complete these sessions in advance.


Each 90-minute class session includes a live-streamed session with Suzanne where you will explore transformative wisdom, techniques, and practices to embody the mediumship mindset every day. Each session concludes with an additional optional 30 minutes to interact and practice with fellow students in small groups. You are invited to join a private Facebook group to share comments and questions with fellow students.

Every student gets a video recording, audio recording and written transcript of each class session and has access to these for a lifetime. The course contains some really great bonus gifts!


You are so very loved.

Welcome to this loving community of kindred spirits. Join us each month for The Monthly Connection webinars and more opportunities to live The Awakened Way.

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