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The 2022 IANDS Conference will be held this year in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 1-4, and Suzanne will be one of the keynote speakers along with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., Mary Neal, MD, and Jeffrey C. Olsen.

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and related experiences often activate profound enduring changes in attitudes, mindset, and new or intensified spiritual growth. A core element of these experiences is timeless and ageless: Oneness.

Oneness is often a transcendent state which may result in the elimination of division, judgmental attitudes, and self-righteousness. Oneness may also diminish feelings of conflict, alienation, fear of punishment, and death.

Oneness experiences typically overcome the constructs of linear time and may result in caring for others—including strangers—and practicing universal compassion and unconditional love on a daily basis.

The message of Oneness is Luminous—it glows with the essence of Love.

This luminous event will take place both in person and on-line.

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