A friend wondered if I could ask the spirit world a question today. They’d told me that they would give me the words I needed to know, yet I felt compelled to ask my friend’s question so I asked it: “Why are children abused – sexually, physically? They have no say in the matter and they are the innocent?” The following are the words that came to me as soon as I entered the light meditative state, eyes closed, as always, a steady flow with no changes, in just a few minutes time…

#10 23JUL09

Little trikes
Small bikes
For girls and boys…

Small things
Balls and rings
Songs and games and joys
Of childhood
Gone in an instant
Destroyed by sin within the man

His will he uses freely
And in this expression
There’s a lesson
For us all…
If you fall
The curse is yours to bear
Not theirs-
The children
Little tots
Know not
Good from evil.

Who’s the wiser?
Sympathizers say it’s all a plan
The will of man..
But who will pay the price
For man’s vice?

We have our lessons
They’re hard to take
Each our path
It’s turns must make.

Along the way we stumble
Skin our knees
Aim to please
Yet inside the hurt
It grows and burns
Twists and turns
Until the truth
Does settle in …
That all the truth it lies within

The lessons of this life
Are born from strife
It matters not how they come
But how they’re won
When day is done

We’ve grown
Alone, we think
But there you’re wrong
You’ve been accompanied all along
Carried through the pain
Never to remain
But to gain
From every strain

An inch … a foot …
A steady climb to peace
Fear not –
It comes to those who wait.
Your fate
Rests with me
It’s destiny.

Have faith
It’s never too late
To awake.
Just wait.
You’ll see.
Your history is clear to me.

It’s destiny to bring you home
Not alone
But held within my arms
Safe from harm.