A whole different feeling today with a very clear, simple message…

Children on a sleigh
Slip and slide and play
Free to run and say
“I love the day!”

But as we age
Says the sage
More we come to know
We’ve a long way to go.

Life is but a game
Every day the same
With rules
We learn in schools

Learn your lessons well
Only time will tell
Who wins and loses
By the paths he chooses.

Study hard
Learn your lessons well
Hear the bell …
It’s time to go
And then you’ll know

If you have learned –
Your time not spurned
But made the most
Of this-
Your chance to get to bliss

It’s very simple, life
When you understand:
Give a lending hand
Help your fellow man
Serve each other well.

The greatest things you do
Are not the things for you
But those that bring help to others
These your fellow brothers.

Before they ring the bell.