Gone from your sight,
But not from your heart.
Those who have left you
Are not really apart.

Death is just a transition
To a new type of form.
But close in your thoughts
Your heart we still warm.

Death is merely a change
From the body to spirit.
If you listen quite closely
For our voice you will hear it.

We’re with you in thought
Any time you do call.
At your side in an instant.
No bother at all.

For our world is yours.
It’s the very same place.
It’s a world of pure thought
With no time and no space.

It’s a world full of colors
Far greater than your dreams.
Where all that surrounds us
Is as real as it seems.

So cry not for us
When you say we have died.
It’s just a new world
Where our soul does reside.

And here we do wait
‘Til we welcome the day
When all we have loved
At our side again play.

There’s nothing to fear
For death comes to you all.
Great peace does await you
When to you comes the call.

But for now live with gusto
And know that we wait.
For to be reunited
Is everyone’s fate.