I write: “Many twitches in left hand today.” (unusual, it’s usually the right) I immediately hear: Different man

#12. 25JUL09

Disease of the mind
Comes from thoughts not in tune.
Beware when there inside
From love you hide.

Gone are the days
When through the haze
We look and seek to find
The truths inside the mind.

But look inside the heart
Never far apart
Here it’s clear:
Seek and ye shall find
Delights beyond the mind.

Create a place
A quiet space
Sit and listen
There it waits
Fabricates the thoughts
You think they’re yours
But they’re not

These, the messages come from afar
Where we are
But oh so near
We whisper in your ear

If only you would stop
And take the time
All the beauty that is Mine
Will come to you
It’s your due.

It’s never too late
When this is your fate
To learn of things divine
You’ll come to us in time

For now, be sure of this
Nothing short of bliss
Awaits those who come
And sit
This is it–
The secret key
To harmony.