Friends … lovers … and many others
These our words should heed
In times of need …

Care not for things of value
Money, silver, power…
These come and go
As you know
They all turn sour.

Carve a line
Cut it fine
Resist the call
Of all
That shines

Nothing lasts for long
In this world of matter
All will end in tatters

Like a bush with thorns,
Cuts draw blood
Prick the skin
So thin
Look within
No wounds can reach
The glories of the mind

Flutter, flutter like the
Butterfly whose wings flap so softly
Like the touch of grace
Upon your face
Soft as gossamer
Strands of a web the spider spins
To catch its prey
It’s all a play
And we the actors
Day by day
Do act it out
Dance and shout
Speak our lines
The way we live our life defines
The next step along the way.
Better stay
Get it right
Day and night

The role of a lifetime.