Delve into realms of heaven on earth
You’ve known them from your birth
They start in infancy and set the stage
As you age.

Barefoot you toddle
Step and waddle
Slowly you grow
And then you know
That all the world’s a stage

Here on earth
Not a day goes by
That you don’t have the chance
To truly live before you die.

What do we mean?
What’s the hidden theme?
Waste not your moments in each scene
Of this, the play of life.

Actors are you all, you see
Bit parts before your destiny
Of greater importance for you all
Is after the curtain it does fall

Learn your lines well.
Time will tell
Who will be a star
Rise from afar.

There lies victory
For humanity
On the greatest stage of all.
Has yet to find
The answers in the dirt
Here upon the earth

Live now your role as angels
Saviors of each other
Your sister and your brother
This your greatest role
Lies deep within your soul

Waiting to awaken
Beauty not forsaken
Serve each other well
Time will tell
Who wins the prize
Of the skies.