Fog of the mind
Mist on the water
Clutter the thoughts…

Hereafter are you safe
Benign’s the place
Where time

In our minds

Forever …
So long it seems to you
A blink of an eye for us.

Time has no constraints
Here among the saints
Those who’ve gone before
Crossed through the door
To the other side.

It’s all around you,
Our world of mist
But to you it’s unseen
Spaces in between
Real as can be
To we
Who live here.

Harmony is the key
To living with divinity
Likeness of mind
All in spirit are one —
No body, yet real
Still we feel
Emotions … laughter…
Forever after.

It’s a world much like your own
Not carved of stone
But forged with thought
Hard it’s not.

Sweet as the song
Eternal life is yours
With nothing to prove
No sins to remove
All will come
When day is done.

And all will rise
Toward the skies
To keep on learning
For God’s presence to find
Yes, in the mind
But also in the heart.
It’s all a part
Of the plan
That began
Before man
And continues with you
And all the living things
That Spirit brings
To life.