Contrary to what you know
Things in heaven do not grow
They just appear
From far and near.

For it’s a world of thought
Sturdy things have we not.
But love it grows
Its face it shows
In every spirit’s eyes
It comes as a surprise
To those who arrive
To find they’re still alive.

Quite so!
You should know
That life’s forever after
Like the fairy tales you read
Happily we lead
You to these truths.

The Summerland they call it
For every day is bright and warm
And full of flowers
And all aware are they
Of God’s great powers

For it swirls around us from above
It’s pure, sweet love
That all can feel …
It’s real!
You can touch it if you like
Just go inside
There’s nowhere it can hide
That you can’t find it.

Love permeates all, here and there
If you would only dare
To hunt and seek
Take a peek
No need to wait
For your fate
The Summerland awaits.

But first live while you can
Your role in God’s plan
Learning to love
Learning to serve
All will come to you
When it’s due.

The greatest trials are here
You’ll find the worth
Here on earth
Then rise
To realize
The prize
You’ve earned
From lessons you’ve learned.

The poem ended here. I still felt the connection, so I decided to try to find out the answers to some questions I have. Highlighted words are mine that I wrote on the paper (eyes still closed). Italics are the answers that came to me (still in rhyme!)

Are you Silver Birch?

We bring you greetings from the one who called himself thus.
But it is us
Who carry on his work.

What names can I call you?

The Council … of Poets. (I immediately thought, Huh! I like it!)
Yes, it is good
To know it.
 (I felt laughter and laughed, too, at their rhyme)

How many are you?

Many are we in number
Ne’er to slumber
For the work that’s planned
To bring to man
These messages of hope.

Why are the words the same as the book? (Three times now I’ve come across unusual wording from the poems in the Silver Birch books AFTER the poems are written – words I never would have used myself, ex: “never fear the morrow”, “baubles”, and “fog of the mind”)

We know what lies ahead
We take a look
Inside your book
The self-same truths we bring to you
In this our way
We say it, too
Read on – it’s good
These words to know
There’s far more yet,
A long way to go.
We’ll leave you not.
Come back and sit
There’s plenty more
No lack of wit.

We thank you for your time
We’re glad you like the rhyme
And we are all well pleased with you
With this, the sacred work you do.

(I catch myself thinking, “Am I really getting this from spirits?” and immediately hear:)

Yes, we’re here
Through day and night
With us nearby
No need for fright
We will protect you
Hold you close
Rest well,
You’re safe.

(Definitely no lack of wit!)