I invited the spirits and immediately felt a new presence. I asked, “Are you new?” and my head bobbed up and down in a resounding “yes.” I feel it was a male, and he experimented with my energy for a few minutes, moving my head back and forth, up and down, and around, then let me know to pick up the pen. Right away I felt the difference … a prayer …

Today we pray anew.

Oh God, help the world to see
That peace and harmony
Are gifts given
Eyes blinded cannot see
Your majesty.

Awaken those who lie without sight
Filled with might
That cometh not from thee.
For thine is true and mighty love
That comes from above
Showers down like raindrops
To the ground.
There under foot we look
Where we do tread
And make our bed
Never knowing you are there

Oh, Lord, how great and mighty is your sword
A blade of glory
It’s a story
Of truth.
No knights in armor come to fight
For what is right
But ride a wave of tolerance
To what length
Will they go
To show
That love’s the only weapon we do need
These our words must all men heed
If peace will come to these shores.
Fight no more
Love one another
Sister and brother
Cherish the treasure
Love without measure abounds
If only man would look
Forsake the mighty sword
Turn toward the Lord
Search no more
Settle the score
Stop the war and hatred.
Life is sacred.
This we pray each day.