Before I began today’s meditation, I was thinking (worrying, actually) that the words that are coming through in these poems are very simple and they’re all starting to sound the same. Well, the spirit world put me in my place today. As for the Latin at the beginning, no, I don’t speak Latin. I simply wrote down the words as I heard them. I looked each one up online afterwards, and this may be simply jibberish, I don’t know. (Any Latin scholars out there?), but as you read the poem, it all makes sense in its own way…

Imprimatur non soquili
Vestigi quorum hominem
Ad dominem
Satisfacem lorum ipsilum
Ad dominam
Qui veni ipsi hoc

Does it matter what language we speak?
Hear these words …
Henceforth know
So-called jewels
Fortitude … forbearance …
Shakespeare had the tools
These kinds of words to use
Howsoever shall a man use his language
It matters little
So long as the message gets through
For this we come to you.

Using words, they’re all we’ve got
Mind to mind without a thought
Your brain’s an instrument
Just a tool
Over the body it does rule
But deep inside the brain
Hidden like memories remain
Remnants of the past

Forsake not these carousel horses
That go up and down
Round and round
Where’s the brass ring?
The mind! The mind!
It holds the key
To memory
It goes on and on and on forever
Never winding down and stopping
Round and round
Safe and sound
The greatest instrument
What an implement!

Children on horses
Merry-go-round games they play
At the end of the day
The ride is over for the brain
But thoughts remain
We’ll come again.