How does the spirit world view mental illness and depression? The soul-touching answer is shared here as Suzanne Giesemann’s team of spirit guides known as Sanaya speak through her.

Sanaya’s profound lessons on mental illness and depression address the realities of our human experience. They are aware of the fear, loneliness, and desperation of so many living on earth today. They speak with directness about chemical and physical imbalances, feelings of isolation among teenagers, impact of social media, use of medications, counseling and more.
The passion of Sanaya’s message of how to view mental illness and depression and the truths of who we are will touch your heart. The transmission of loving, healing energy to all whether viewing live or later can be felt soul to soul.

The wisdom, insights, practical advice, and love flow from Sanaya with a power that may bring you to tears as experienced by several viewers of the live session. You will feel the sacredness of this gathering.

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