Some of you have heard the news that we are moving.  I want to make the announcement official now that our house is under contract.  Ty and I moved to The Villages, FL, eleven years ago.  This is the longest either of has ever lived in one place since we left our childhood homes.  It is the longest Ty has ever lived more than 12 miles from saltwater.

After I retired from the Navy, Ty and I spent five years living and cruising aboard our sailboat, Liberty.   I had been a rolling stone for more than 25 years with frequent Navy moves and then our subsequent sailing lifestyle, and I craved both stability and having a circle of women friends.  Within one month of purchasing a home in The Villages, my parents bought a nearby house and moved to the same community.  Once my parents’ health began to deteriorate, I knew in my heart that I would be in Florida for as long as they needed me.  In the meantime, I found that circle of friends I longed for!

All of this happened before I had any inkling that I would be working as a medium today, traveling the country and making wonderful friends everywhere we go!  My new vocation and moving to central Florida made it difficult to spend time on the boat, however, and with the awareness of how much this pained Ty, we sold Liberty.  (For an account of our Atlantic crossing, some great movies about Rudy the Sailing Wiener Dog, and a touching memorial tribute to our Susan, the motivation for all of the work I do now, please visit

We so love our many friends in The Villages.  For seven years many of us have gathered monthly for special channeling sessions with my guides, Sanaya.  All of you mean so much to me.  Trust me, leaving The Villages has not been an easy decision.  However, with my mother’s passing in August, new opportunities arose.

If you have read my book Still Right Here, you know about the wonderful friendship Ty and I share with Irene and Tony Vouvalides.  They, like us, are Shining Light Parents.  Their daughter Carly communicates quite clearly with me from across the veil.  When Irene and Tony recently told us that a parcel of land just around the corner from their home near Bluffton, South Carolina, was available for purchase, we knew this would represent a fresh start at this transitional point in our lives.

We put an offer on the land, and it was accepted.  We will be building a house and living in our RV during the construction, traveling around the country as we do each year, taking the Messages of Hope on the road.  I want to assure those of you living in The Villages that I will retain my bond with you.  I hope to be doing a channeling session in early January (we are awaiting confirmation of the rental space and will announce details soon), and as the schedule allows when I come back regularly to visit my sister, brother, and many friends.  I do hope to speak at least once a year to the metaphysical groups in The Villages who have hosted my presentations in the past.

In the meantime, while our new house will not be right on the water, the community most certainly is.  It is located at the foot of the bridge that leads to Hilton Head Island.  We sailed along this stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway quite a few times aboard Liberty.  We will be able to launch our kayaks from the community marina, and Ty will be able to catch fresh fish for dinner from one of the four fishing docks.  We will enjoy running and hiking in the nature preserves onsite, walking the ocean beaches on Hilton Head, and I look forward to joining the Aware Group of like-minded souls in this equally friendly community to the one that has nurtured my journey for the past 11 years.

I was recently awakened at 3 am by Sanaya.  I am not well versed in numerology, yet they guided me to look up the meaning associated with each of the addresses we have had since Susan passed.  What I discovered was mind-boggling:

At the time of Susan’s passing, we were living on a boat and had no address, so that was a “zero” (validating that during this time I was not aware of any mediumship abilities or the existence of the Greater Reality).

I discovered my ability to communicate with the spirit world and started doing readings and channeling while living at our first house in The Villages with house #622.  )6+2+2 = 10:  1+0 = 1)  Ones are all about new beginnings, the spark or seed filled with raw potential ready to be used. That’s pretty darned fitting for what was going on in my life spiritually at the time!

I then looked up 1983, which is the address/house number of the home we impulsively moved to in The Villages three years ago.  1983 comes out to be a 3 in numerological terms (1+9+8+3 = 21:  2+1 = 3)  Threes allow for evolution and growth, which is what I have experienced so much of in these past three years on my spiritual journey.

Sanaya then guided me to look up the numerical sum of our new South Carolina home, which is #35.  3+5 = 8.  Eights represent transcending limitations.  This is exactly what has been occurring for me lately as I do more public demonstrations of mediumship and step forward with my teaching, now under the umbrella of The Awakened Way

As we deal with the turmoil of a big move and leaving our beloved community in The Villages, Ty and I have questioned our sanity more than once.  I am assured not only by the significance of these numbers, but by the seamless way everything is falling into place. Sanaya tells me that now truly is the time for a new chapter in our lives.

Thanks to the Internet, video conferencing, and our love of travel, most of you will not even notice a difference.  Whether you live in The Villages or elsewhere, we love all of you equally, and we hope that you feel that love from us no matter where we are.

We will keep you updated of our progress with the new house via Facebook, emails, and Ty’s blog,  Blessings to all of you.