Open the door
Step right through
All the world is waiting for you.

Time is the same as memory
Hidden there, where none can see …
Pieces of a puzzle, small bits of string,
Odds and ends of things …
Baubles, jewels, the stuff of life
Matter little.

Place your eyes upon the skies
Where there you’ll find
Respite from cares and worries, rush and bother
Rest a moment with the Father.

Rest now for I will send
The signs of death
Which most fear
Yet know not that here
Is where they grow to know
That all is one
When day is done.

Count your pennies
Watch them grow
Then melt away like heated snow
Nothing lasts for long
It’s like a song
That’s here …
Only to disappear.

But lo! The soul!
Death touches not the spot inside
Where God abides,
Survives. Strives. Alive.