A death comes suddenly, quite unexpectedly, and you are left in shock. There is a period of numbness, and then the new reality sets in. Someone you took for granted would always be here, even though you know that death comes calling to all, is suddenly not available to call. And there you err. Death is a transition to another state of being. Perhaps you know this already, but please know that the body leaves an energetic signature, as do patterns of interacting. It requires an adjustment to the sudden lack of what you call a lifetime of interacting with what are energetic patterns. If this terminology sounds impersonal, may this remind you to now seek that which is not impersonal:  the soul. It is still here. Where else could it go when it is always and already here, there, and everywhere, as are you. And in this awareness, come calling soul to soul and know that you are heard.

You are so very loved.