You are playing a role.  It is one that you as a soul agreed to.  You chose those souls around you whose roles would best help you experience the precise adventures and opportunities that would allow you to live most fully.  Living fully does not always entail ease.  It does not always feel pleasurable, but oh, it does come with growth.  “Now I have been there and done that.”  There are many experiences you do not wish to repeat, but did they not serve to round out your experiences and cause you to make choices that are more in alignment with the soul nature that lies beneath the role?  Yes, indeed, and that is the point of it all.  You can come into alignment quickly and painlessly or the slow way filled with choices that lead you astray.  All eventually align with love and merge back into the oneness from which all souls arise.  That is the prize.  But do not be in a hurry.  “One” is not a static state.  Bubbling up is what One does, for Love cannot contain Itself. 

You are so very loved.