If balance is key to a peaceful state—and it is—then a cross is a most fitting symbol.  The horizontal crossbar represents the physical plane, balancing the many opposites you find in your world of duality.  If you go too far in your thoughts, actions, or emotions, you are not centered.  The vertical pole in a cross represents the connection between your earthly pursuits and the spiritual.  If you are always focused on the heavenly aspects of your life, you might find it hard to function in your earthly life.  Once again, balance is key, and you find that balance by making choices as to where you place your focus. The center point of a cross, if you superimpose it upon the body, is the center point of you:  the heart, not the head.  The way to find balance in any endeavor, be it mind, body, or spirit, is to shift your focus to the heart and take a deep breath.  There, in that place of stillness, ask, “What is the best thought or action for me in this moment if I am to find peace and remain centered?” You are so very loved.