Humans have your jokes about cats, laughing at their aloofness and independence. It is their nature, and you love them anyway. Not all have these traits. They can be quite loving. It is why they make such excellent companions. One either resonates with this independence or not. Are they not like people in this regard? You either resonate or not. You wish for another to come sit by your side, to allow you to share affection, and they do so at their own timing. You cannot control the affections of another. Do not take it personal, just give your affection. Spread it about liberally, for this is YOUR nature. Aloof, independent, needy, or clingy, you all share one trait: “I AM.” And from this sharing of the most basic essence, you know love, for love is lack of separation at the deepest level. You know this as connection.

You are so very loved.