You view the eyes as your blindfold to the non-physical world, and it is an apt analogy, but it is not only the eyes which keep you blinded to the eternal presence of Spirit within and without.  The entire body is a mask of sorts.  What you put into it does make a difference in how you perceive reality.  Do you not see this with alcohol and drugs, how they change what you perceive as real?

For now, you use what you call “normal waking consciousness” as the norm, with all other experiences relative to that paltry blinded state.  This is said with no condescension to the human experience, only to open your eyes to your essential state which wears no blindfold and does not come and go with highs and lows, exhilarated or sedated.  No, your essential nature is peace and a state of intense knowing of love that you call “bliss” in your limited words, but that no words could describe.  Stop drugging the body and the mind not only with substances, but with toxic thoughts, and feast on silence and the breath when you want to get a glimpse of reality. 

You are so very loved