Forgiveness—a topic which arises quite often in our lessons, for yes, it is one of the lessons so many of you struggle with the most. Forgiveness is a gift. It is a form of surrender, but not a form of weakness. When you can sit back and release all blame, holding nothing but love for another, then you have given the greatest gift possible to yourself. You harm not the other when you withhold your love, for they are already the expression of God-as-Love. But you most certainly harm yourself by blocking the full expression of yourself as God-as-Love.

Forgive YOURSELF first and foremost when you hold resentment toward another. Bring in your light to shine upon the darkness of your ignorance. In the fullness of your new understanding, forgive yourself, for no other truly does you wrong—you merely perceive it as such. All is interpretation.

When you can forgive another, you make room for light to enter your own soul. It takes but an instant. You struggle so long, but all you need do is flip the switch and turn on the light.