How do you know what a tree is when you perceive it?  You know because someone educated you about this fact at some time in your education as a human.  How do you know what a family is?  You know for the very same reason.  It is a human construct, and all have agreed that this grouping of beings with blood or marriage or some other tie in common is to be known as a family.  And now, the question of the day:  How do you know what love is?  Yes, you have all agreed that the divine feeling that makes your heart surge and open is to be called “love.”  Yes, we agree that this innate sense of connection is love.  Note the word “innate.”  This means the soul knows love intimately.  The soul does not have to be educated.  Humans need a word, but the soul simply knows.  Your soul simply knows, because love is your very essence.

You need look nowhere for love, for it is part of you.  It is you.  Why are you making yourself so miserable looking for love, demanding it from others, when you already have it?  Shift your focus from outside to inside.  If you have not yet found it, then perhaps the same humans who taught you “This is a tree,” and “This is a family” had not yet learned the lesson of what and where love is, and they taught you by human love and not divine love.  Learn to know the difference and you have discovered the golden key.