Your love makes all the difference when connecting with higher consciousness.  You are like a radio antenna.  You not only receive transmissions, but you send out your own signal, so, in a way, you are a transceiver.  An inert antenna picks up very little.  What is the carrier wave?  Love!  Make yourself “discoverable” by those in the spirit world, “ready to pair” with those who no longer have a body, yet who still radiate the love that is the essence of all that is.  In sending out your signal of availability, your carrier wave makes it all the more easy for those who vibrate at a higher level to be sensed.  Do you see how it works?  You are love.  Be that which you are and shine!

Note from Suzanne:  Wolf is back!  He is the one who shared this “discoverable/ready to pair” Bluetooth analogy with me a couple of weeks ago.  Sanaya elaborates on it a bit more today, and I will do so as well in my October monthly mentoring webinar:

And one more note from Suzanne:   If you love reading great, inspirational writing, read on … I’m thrilled that my dear friend and assistant, Lynette Setzkorn, is blogging once again!  Her latest post is exquisite! Ever get Home-sick? Lynette shares what Home really is. Be inspired: