“Love makes the world go ‘round.” These again are some of your lyrics to a well-known song, but yes, they have a literal meaning. It is Love indeed that is the creative impulse of the universe and all universes beyond it. Were it not for Love, the world as you know it would implode and darkness would prevail. Your world — the one in which you are the center of your own universe, the sun of your own solar system — consists of you surrounded by the planets of your family and friends. It is Love which makes you shine and revolve and yes, breathe. Breathe in more of it, would you. When you feel as if your life may just implode, step out of your little universe and rise above it all. See the bigger picture, where chaos has no place, where Love is the one guiding Force and Source, and get back into alignment. Your trajectory may wobble a bit now and then, but the course and path you are on is quite clear and stable … ever onward, ever upward, moving ever so surely in the direction of, and under the direction of, Love. You are so very loved.