To the soul, your earthly sojourn is like a dream.
It need not be a nightmare.
Pain comes and goes.
It ebbs and flows,
And much of it depends on your choices.
Do you listen or not to the voices
That tell you what to do,
Just how to make it through
When times get rough
And you feel you’ve had enough?
This is precisely when it pays
To know there are ways
To get through your rough days.
Call on us. We hear you.
Ask for our help and we draw near you,
Just as we did for this one, our scribe,
On this very day twelve  years past
When the poems at last
Turned to prose
And from “The Council of Poets” Sanaya arose
To share with all of you these words of love
That seem to come from up above,
But in truth are One Universal Voice
To teach you all that you have a choice:
You may continue to think you stand alone
Or return in awareness to your one true Home.
You are so very loved.