Your brain becomes easily attached to patterns.  This is what it is designed to do.  Programming.  Once you set in place a particular belief system, it will look for those patterns, even seek them out.  Be on alert for this, for ego prefers the lower vibratory patterns, especially those that enforce its power by causing you to feel separate from others.  “They should behave and think like me!” ego plants in the brain, and then the brain seeks out the behaviors that prove this point to the exclusion of those that do not.  It is quite insidious … until you begin to live consciously.  No longer do you allow the brain and its patterns to rule your life.  To aid you in becoming unstuck from the rut you may be in, we have a Phrase of the Day for you: “See the good and not the should.”  Focus on looking for the positive, and you will find it.  Ego may be frustrated, but the soul will say, “Thank Goodness!”