Love is all that matters.  This may seem a nonsensical statement to those who are worried about putting food on the table and paying bills.  This we understand.  What we wish you to understand is that there are two ways with which to view your life: as a human, who basks in fears, and as a soul, whose true Home is Love.  Yes, it is true from a human standpoint that Love will not pay your bills, but neither will fear. Being in a state of peace where you know yourself as an aspect of the Presence, which is Love, will allow you to see the temporal nature of each human situation and see new solutions. Learn to shift perspective from human to spirit, from fear to peace born of Love, and the bills will be paid, for you will find innovative ways of changing your life. We give you this one example, but the ways in which your life improves when you learn to rise above fear and see from the eyes of the soul, which is Love-based, are limitless as your life flows in new and unforeseen ways. You are so very loved.