This train keeps on moving. Yes, it stops at various stations along the journey, but then it continues down the never-ending tracks. Some wish to get off. They are those who do not understand the nature of the ride. They want to be in the driver’s seat instead of experiencing the ever-changing scenery and interacting with the other passengers. It is there, in the experience, swaying gently as the train rumbles ever onward instead of sitting rigidly or trying to get off, that you have the best time.

As you travel you learn and grow from the brief stops you make and from the interactions. You need not know always exactly where you are headed. The Engineer knows. He has the plan. Why would you want to take over? Leave the driving to the One with the big picture. It is only ego who feels he must be in charge, and it is then that your life may derail. Yes, get out of your seat from time to time if you must. Check in with the conductors who are there to assist you in your journey, but trust the journey. Everything is right on track.

You are so very loved.