Note from Suzanne: The date of September 11 causes many of us to reflect on the events that happened 22 years ago. I was stationed at the Pentagon the first time in 1995, working in the Navy section. There was a civilian man who wandered the halls every day handing out Werther’s candies to everyone he passed in the hallway on his lunch hour. It must have cost him a lot over the years, but he was out there every day. He looked a lot like Santa Claus with his round stomach and full, white beard. He never said a word as he passed out those little treats. He simply smiled softly and continued on his rounds. Most people didn’t even know his name. They just called him the Candy Man. In this message, Sanaya makes reference to the Candy Man …

Your little dogs sit and beg for treats. “How cute they are!” you exclaim. And you give them exactly what they want. You cannot deny them the pleasure, for seeing them enjoy their treats brings you pleasure as well. Are you not at times just like your pets: begging for treats from those around you in the form of love and attention? We mention this not to make you feel bad, but to make a point. All creatures long to be loved, to the point of begging for it at times. When this behavior is reinforced, the begging continues. We merely wish you to see that you need not always do the begging, but hand out the treats liberally—not to get something in return, but for the sheer pleasure of giving the treat of your love to those around you.

Be today like the Candy Man and dole out love-treats to all you encounter, whether you know them or not … whether they acknowledge you or not. This can be in the form of a smile, a kind act, a loving word, or a loving gesture. Do this, and you will be the one who surely receives the greatest gift.

Do this, and you will be reinforcing love in your world.

Note from Suzanne: When I returned to the Pentagon in 2000 for my tour on the Joint Staff, I wandered up to the Navy hallways and discovered that the Candy Man was still making his daily rounds … still asking nothing in return, just handing out those little morsels of love.

On September 11, 2001, the Candy Man was one of the 189 people killed when the terrorists attacked the Pentagon. His name was James T. Lynch, Jr.

As Sanaya says, share your love today and every day with all you meet, asking nothing in return. Do this and help to spread the love, not the hate.