Pick a penny off the floor. How did it get there when nothing was there before? And then pennies begin to appear in other strange places. How can this be? Your world is not as solid as you think. If angels can appear when needed, could we not just as easily manifest a penny to get through an important message? You do not really want to know how easily your world can be manipulated, for part of you needs it to follow certain rules for you to feel safe. But some things cannot be explained unless you understand the true nature of your world. It is a vibratory universe. It only appears solid to you because of the way your brain operates. If a man could turn water into wine, then an angel could produce a penny out of thin air. The air is not really thin. It is replete with energy—the Creative Force of all that is. Read your penny and heed its words: “In God We Trust.” Trust us when we tell you that pennies from heaven are a sign that all is well. You are so very loved.