All of the Universe exists for your enjoyment. You are here to play and create, for who are you, but a focus of the consciousness of the Great Creator. It is through your experiences that God experiences God’s creations. How else would God be able to play?

Go forth each day with an attitude of playfulness and joy, knowing that all is in perfect order always. Let this be a mantra which falls from your lips at every moment. As you see things you question, for you think they are mistaken or perhaps in your mind “wrong,” say this important phrase again: “All is in perfect order always.” As this phrase becomes part of your creative consciousness, sit back and watch the perfection unfold. Laugh with joy as you see what happens when you go through your day in harmony with the flow of the Universe.

A small coincidence is no longer “luck,” but a living example that you are in the flow … part of Creation itself, helping to create the perfection that is Life. And then go out and play some more … creating yet more perfection. And as you do so, smile … for would not God smile down on God’s creation and say … “It is good.”