How long will it take until you learn:  You have no control over certain things?  And do you feel the frustration and suffering that ensues when you believe that you do?  Oh, how the ego pushes back, for the ego must control things, thinks that it does, and maintains its illusion of power.  Yes, of course you have free will, and you can control your tiny universe for a while … if you stay isolated and interact with no one and no thing, but in reality there is no isolation, no separation, and therefore you cannot remain in a state of illusion for long.  Surrender to the fact that the illusion others who know Truth speak of is true.  This is a game, and you are not moving all of the other pieces.  In fact there is one great Player moving you, yet free will is the wild card.  If this makes you feel helpless, relax.  It is all about love.  As you focus on that, you begin to remember that you are not a pawn in this chess game of Life, but an extension of the arm that moves the pieces.  With your limited awareness, you can forget this and panic.  Relax and enjoy, for the more you remember the Love Game rules and flow instead of fighting, the more you see the magic and the wonder.