The Pollyanna Show. A good title for a program that all should take part in daily. What is a Pollyanna, but one who sees all clouds as white, one who greets all with a loving smile, one who is eternally joyful and full of peace. Such a one is viewed as naïve in your world—innocent to the point of being laughable. And so, you shy away from being the Pollyanna who sees only goodness and light. Instead, you buy into the less than good things you see about you. You do not realize that in allowing yourself to see the “evil,” you are perpetuating it. “Oh!” You recoil. “I cannot take responsibility for another’s actions!” But oh, my children, you can. You are all one and the same energy. What you send out comes back to you.

See and be only goodness, and that is your experience. Believe that aught but goodness exists and those thoughts allow it to perpetuate. Consciousness creates reality. By buying into the mass consciousness, you are allowing mass destruction to occur. We apologize if this sounds harsh. Of course you cannot personally take responsibility for those things that happen halfway across the world.

Or can you?

You, as an individual focus of Love are part of the whole. One ray of light can brighten a room. Billions of rays can banish the darkness forever. Yes, of course, you cannot heal the world, but you can bring in the light instead of perpetuating the darkness. Be a Pollyanna and participate in The Pollyanna Show. It is far better than the alternatives. Heal your world one soul at a time. Begin with your own soul by spreading light instead of acknowledging the darkness. You are so very loved