In this month’s webinar, Suzanne shares highlights of evidence and healing from her readings in the past month. These include a husband across the veil with such incredible evidence that Suzanne declares it a “gold nugget” and a reading that led to a woman finding an item that had been lost over a year. In only one week Suzanne communicated with five souls who had passed by suicide. She shares insights regarding suicide that were given in a previous reading.

Suzanne honors Donna Kelly, a friend who recently passed to the other side and Bev shares how Donna’s years of spiritual practice and awakening led to her very peaceful transition. Suzanne shares a tribute to her friend and mentor who passed recently, Mavis Pittilla.

The life changing benefit of having spiritual tools ready to use as we handle the stresses of our human stories is a theme throughout this webinar. These tools include the phrase, “Would it help? “, the “tongue on roof of the mouth” procedure, and attention to word choice such as “negative” vs. “uncomfortable”. Suzanne shares the only thing we need to do to change our life and find peace and explains limited awareness vs. spacious awareness. The true story Suzanne tells about a trip to Paris and U.S. Navy insignia shows us an amazing example of how unreal our “reality” is. In addition, Suzanne shares insights on a new tool to use in manifesting and how to handle slumps.

Lynette shares a very personal story of how she got through a recent dark night of the soul. Her experience and how she reached the point of “radical nonjudgement” contains valuable lessons for all of us.

Suzanne and Sanaya answer questions about the transition of those who are not on the spiritual path while here on earth, déjà vu, any control we have over the time of our death, difference between “highest self” and “soul”, fairies, purpose of ego, memory of difficult death, soul groups, and being stuck in addiction.

The group participates in a healing exercise and Sanaya speaks through Suzanne. Sanaya addresses topics including the form of souls, guides, and angels, knowing ourselves as light, and asking for help.