Pause for just a moment
And hear your every word
Notice how they hold you down
Instead of soaring like a bird

They keep you moving backwards
Or perhaps hold you in place
Until your words and inner thoughts
You take the time to face
It’s the thoughts that say you’re worthless
It’s the thoughts that say you’re small
That hold you back from seeing
That you can have it all.

We speak not now of cars and homes
Of objects bought and sold
But inner treasures you will reap
More valuable than gold 

You are like a robot
You go throughout your day
Unaware of the great power
Of what you think and say

True power is your birthright
It’s been there all along
So find the thoughts that lift you up
And sing them like a song

No one else can do this for you
It is you controls the mind
And greater peace will be your gift
When your false thoughts you hunt and find