Do you ever watch flocks of birds fly in synchrony?  They move as one.  Schools of fish do the same.  It is not like your “Whisper Down the Lane” game where one moves after another.  They fly or swim in unison.  If only you could hear the whispers of Spirit, of your Source, of your very own Mind without the filters.  You would move as one with others.  But you chose to be in human form with the filter/brain for a reason:  for the unique opportunities to be uniquely you.  At times you march in step and at other times you march to the beat of a different drummer.  And the beautiful part is that you get to choose.  Human or soul?  Spirit or matter?  Does it matter?  Yes, indeed.  From moment to moment, which choice will bring more love?


Note from Suzanne: This video of “murmuration” (birds flying in synchrony) by Sophie Windsor Clive, the videographer who filmed my “Making the Connection” online course, has thrilled millions: