“Oh, Spirit, guide me every step of the way,
Every moment of the day.”
In this manner may you pray.

You are connected to all that exists.
Even the smallest of creatures subsists
From This.

This Power, this process, this ongoing flow
Operates in a way that you can’t possibly know
And yet you still grow.

Let go, let go. Let go and allow.
We are planting seeds that Spirit will plow.
You need not bow.

Stand tall. Step forth with confidence.
The world is spacious, far from dense.
It makes no sense.

See not, then, with the physical eyes.
These will lead you to confusion and lies.
It’s a great surprise …

To discover This that has always been here.
It’s a paradox, both far and near.
It is you, Dear.

Pull back the veil and take a peek.
Here you will discover what all others seek.
Yes, both the mighty and meek:

I AM. Feel the glow.
You take this with you wherever you go.
And This is all you need to Know.

You are so very loved.