Love your anxieties.  Love them to pieces.  Literally.  As you become aware of that anxious, prickly feeling in the body—the one that comes with a voice that says, “I must, I have to , what if I do, what if I don’t …” –grasp it gently like an object, that anxiety, and pull it into your heart.  There, love it gently as you prepare to say goodbye to it.  As you hold it there, surrounded with the love that You are, recognize the anxiety for what it is:  a ploy to keep you in separation from your true self as Unity.

Now, in that awareness, raise the anxiety bundle up, up, up—straight up—as far as it will go in the light until it dissolves like a sparkler, transmuted.  And what is the result?  You feel lighter … from now on, in the light of pure awareness.