You MUST trust.  You may note the use of the word “must.”  It is a strong word, and do we not often advise you to flow?  Yes, this is so, but trusting that Spirit, the Light, is that which is flowing through you and all things is paramount.  Nothing happens without Spirit.  Yes, your free will and your fears can be impediments to the best flow, but when you get out of the way—you the blended being, both human and soul—and surrender to the flow of Life, tuning in to the guidance from moment to moment, that is when the magical, wondrous moments happen.  If you do not trust that Spirit flows through you and IS you, IS YOU, is you, then you will continue stumbling and oh, listen every so often, perhaps.  You must trust Spirit implicitly for the true miracles to happen regularly—a miracle being when the existence of a higher power is impossible to ignore.  Trust.  You are so very loved.

Note from Suzanne:  This message from Sanaya flowed after I experienced an awe-inspiring demonstration of the presence and reality of we-as-Spirit during my meditation this morning.  Please read about it here.