I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation that later today I will go online before over 1200 people and channel my guides, Sanaya, to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Health. It’s one thing to be fully prepared for a webinar. It’s another to have no idea what is going to come out of my mouth when I go into a state of deep meditation in front of everyone. To do this is possible thanks to the complete and utter Trust in Spirit that has developed over the years of daily communion with Sanaya. Today, as I sat to ask for the Daily Way message, I heard, “Do you remember the poets? Pick up your iPad and you will discover the self-same group that gave you the poems is here today and will not let you down ever.” The poem that follows flowed non-stop in a matter of minutes:

Bigotry, hatred and anger…
These are toxins that poison your society.
And yet, those who perpetuate malevolent deeds
Do gain a bit of notoriety.

Some do what they do for more attention.
It matters not if it is a negative mention
That puts them directly in the spotlight.
Having the focus on them brings great delight.

And what of you? Do you like to feel pity?
It is quite the opposite from when you are witty.
Emotions can be a powerful drug
Like a virus you would do well to debug.

Weed out those that hold you strangled
Like a carrot on a string before you, dangled.
Rage and anger may feel enticing
But dissect these emotions like an onion you are slicing.

Beneath all the layers, at the core you will find
One very peaceful undivided mind.
Emotions are to the ocean like waves
One drowns you while the other one saves.

Choose those that carry you ashore
Pay attention to their strength, this we implore.
There are those that can be quite destructive
While others are the opposite: loving and constructive.

While you cannot keep the ocean from heaving,
The wandering mind you would do well to be leaving.
Find your way home as best you can
This, dear one, is part of the plan …

At first you wander and may become a bit lost
By the waves of emotion quite roughly are you tossed
But when the scrapes and bruises get a bit too much
You’ll go in search of a softer touch.

Turn away from the anger, away from the rage,
And in so doing, you will turn a new page.
One that leads you from outer to inner.
And now you are on the path of the winner.

You are so very loved, this you will find,
When you discover that all share one great Mind.
What you call “yours” is not mighty but small
Contained within an overarching “All”.

The ups and downs are part of the adventure.
They need not hold you in a state of indenture.
With awareness will you discover the prize.
For with mindfulness, above the fray will you rise

And discover the truth that all do seek
Available to both the mighty and the meek.
There are no opposites when day and night are done,
For, in truth, at your essence, all are One.
If you would like to hear and feel these guides, Sanaya, today, click here for more information: https://suzannegiesemann.com/event/charity-nami/