Your thoughts are the cause of all that you are and have. Your words are your tools. Choose them wisely. An expressed thought in verbal form is manifestation in itself. It carries great power, for it makes the thought more real to you and certainly real to those who hear your words, even if the words carry no truth.

Be on the lookout for words which limit you—insidious words like “can’t” and “never” which hold the power to limit you from being the all-powerful focus of consciousness that you are. Why do you use such words? Purely out of habit. Lift the veil of darkness and see these words for what they are—poorly shaped tools which do not reflect your true nature. Shine a light on your vocabulary. Pause before you speak. Ask yourself if the words you are about to utter reflect your True Self and desires, or if they reflect outdated beliefs, self-limiting thoughts, and false perceptions of Reality.

Seek the truth always. It lies within you. As you find it, speak these truths aloud and behold as you reshape your reality. Quite a wondrous world, is it not?