Patience is a virtue … yet another of your pithy sayings, but one with great wisdom, for so many of you do rush about expecting to see results in whatever the endeavor, in accordance with your earthly timetables. But you do not realize that your earth is not the only dimension in which you play. While you are far from mere puppets on strings, you do all have unseen helpers from the unseen realm. In a way, we are pulling some strings for you (so give us some credit now and again, will you?), but it is always you who chooses your reality through your choices.

On your earth you see the results of some of your choices instantly, whilst others take some time to manifest. In addition, you are all co-creators of your reality, and so there will always be outside influences … other causes affecting your desired outcomes. But always remember: all is One. There is only one Divine Mind directing this great play of your life. You are bit actors (and we say this most lovingly!) but each with a most vital role … to be the representative of Love on your small corner of the stage.

You are the director of your part, and of your scene, but you have not yet seen the ending. Be patient. Awards will be given out at the end for he who plays the most loving role … not for he who gets there first.