Emotions … the perfect gauge of what is going on inside your head. Like a barometer, the pressure goes up and down, as does your personal vibration with every thought that passes through your mind. Your emotions are always the result of a thought, thus you control your emotions, for you always control your thoughts.

Do you wish to find more peace in your life? Then choose your thoughts carefully. Peaceful thoughts engender peace in mind and body. Use your body as your personal barometer. Is the pressure high? Follow the sensation back to the source … the thought which caused your emotions to spike. Is the pressure low, leaving you calm and at peace? See how the choice of thoughts you made—NOT the actions of another—but the choice of thought YOU made did result in your current state.

Your body is an instrument … a perfect gauge of your internal state. Use it to your benefit. When life is stormy, send calming thoughts. Look not outside and blame the wind, but go inside and be the cause of your calm. It is always a choice.