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Everyone including YOU is born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world.  Suzanne’s new course with The Shift Network, “Holistic Mediumship: Make Connecting with the Spirit World Your New Way of Life”, will deepen and refine your innate ability to communicate with loved ones and others beyond the veil.  And … the course goes beyond mediumship to share with you a selection of tools and inspiration to live a more fully awakened life on this side of the veil.

Connecting with loved ones is not reserved for a few people and not reserved for only certain moments of time such as meditation or readings. Your communication with other souls and spiritual beings is available 24/7.  You are a SOUL having a human experience and as a soul you are connected to every other soul in creation! In this course, you will rediscover your individualized style of “holistic mediumship” based on your life experiences, personality, interests, lifestyle, and spiritual journey.

Grease your sneakers and get ready for an incredible run to reach new heights in this course! Suzanne will be using new tools and techniques that her team in spirit have given her to provide you with a learning experience like no other.

Go to this link to read all of the details, the description of each module and registration directions:



You are so very loved.

Welcome to this loving community of kindred spirits. Join us each month for The Monthly Connection webinars and more opportunities to live The Awakened Way.

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