“Why do we get sick?”

“Why do some people get healing miracles and others don’t?”

“Why do my thoughts about healing matter?”

You’ve pondered these questions and more. The Universe provides insights and understanding in this course.

This course, created from one of Suzanne’s Monthly Connection webinars, uses a series of dramatic real-life experiences, a message from Jesus, and testimony from Suzanne’s assistant, Valerie, who shares a personal example of faith and trust during her challenge with a suspected recurrence of cancer.

The lessons contain “no other explanation” evidence of connections with the spirit realm that take the teaching beyond textbook theory. They serve to shift you from limited “only human” thinking to the spacious awareness of the soul where true healing takes place.

They open your eyes to your own divinity.

Suzanne and Sanaya, her guides in spirit, lead you through a healing meditation that is filled with palpable, divine energy. The downloadable recording allows you to experience as often as you desire the expansion and upliftment that the words and energy provide.

The course includes a workbook with reflections, questions, and exercises that help you better contemplate and personalize the truths and insights received throughout the six modules.

Healing Messages from the Heart of the Universe provides you with a new definition of healing, a new perspective on who you really are beyond the body, and the realization of the power you have over your personal healing journey.

The course is yours for a lifetime. Repeat as needed and enjoy seeing your progress along The Awakened Way® path.

The course package includes;

6 Modules in Video Format: Two Total Hours of Teaching
Downloadable Workbook
Downloadable Meditation (MP3)


Your definition of healing will evolve as you learn who you really are beyond the body and the power of healing that you have within.


Experience new perspectives as you complete exercises and find your own answers through the course workbook.


Feel the divine, healing energy as Suzanne’s guides in spirit lead you through a powerful healing meditation.

Learn at your own pace.
Repeat the modules as often as you wish.


  • 6 Modules in Video Format: Two Total Hours of Teaching
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Downloadable Meditation (MP3)

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Current Students

Scholarships with Love

It is my intention that the wisdom, inspiration, tools, and tips in this course reach all who are led to this teaching. If a financial hardship stands in your way of obtaining the course, please explain in a short email to admin@suzannegiesemann.com. My team in spirit and I determine reduced price scholarships on an individual basis. With love, Suzanne