“Making the Connection Level Two” expands on how and why connections across the veil are possible and how to improve your connections with spirit.

Suzanne teaching Sedona 2021

All of the content in “Making The Connection Level Two” was professionally filmed during an actual Serving Spirit Level Two class.

The exercises, the content, the energy are all captured for you to experience in this video class.

The focus is on achieving greater depth and clarity of evidence as well as greater alignment with the higher realms.

Suzanne holds nothing back in this practical, video course for students who have taken her level one course or have some experience or study in mediumship.


Whether you want to expand your mediumship or expand your personal connections with loved ones or guides in spirit, this is the next step! You will dive into new topics including sacred geometry, coherence, how the brain works, and more. You will experience new mind-expanding exercises unlike those found in any other classes. You will reach new levels of understanding mediumship with Suzanne’s real-life stories and analogies.

Topics covered in the eight modules of “Making the Connection Level Two” include:

  • A review of the basics and best practices of mediumship
  • The involvement of spirit guides in readings
  • Sensations, thoughts, and feelings impacting mediumship
  • Sacred geometry and mediumship
  • The relationship between soul, story, and ego
  • Understanding how the brain impacts mediumship
  • New levels of evidence and layers of information in readings
  • Powerful, spirit-led meditations

Relax and enjoy. Learn at your own pace.

The course contains 8 modules. A downloadable course workbook provides handouts that are part of the in-person class, opportunities to reflect on topics and questions in the course, and suggestions on how to arrange your own mediumship practice sessions.

Meditations held during the course are available as downloadable MP3 recordings.

You can proceed through the course at your own pace. You have unlimited access to the course and modules may be repeated as often as you wish.


“Making the Connection Level Two”


Current Students

Scholarships with Love

It is my intention that the wisdom, inspiration, tools, and tips in this course reach all who are led to this teaching. If a financial hardship stands in your way of obtaining the course, please explain in a short email to admin@suzannegiesemann.com. My team in spirit and I determine reduced price scholarships on an individual basis. With love, Suzanne