"Thank you so much to both Suzanne and Hemi-Sync for making this happen. There are 2 tracks in the album and each had some profound effect on me. I am glad that Suzanne added the exercise track in the album. It has instantly become my meditation companion. Thank you so much again to both Suzanne and Jim for creating this invaluable gift!"


Getting to Know Your True Nature

Recording #1: “The words of “Getting to Know Your True Nature” carry the energy and frequency of Spirit. Your soul will resonate with this frequency and recognize it as Truth. As you seek respite from the challenges of living as a human, take the time to listen to these divinely inspired words and frequencies and return to the unconditional love and peace that are your birthright as a soul.


As you relax and listen to the words channeled by Suzanne, original music composed exclusively for this project by keyboard master Jim Oliver, and binaural beats of the Hemi-Sync® tones, the underlying meaning of the words will sink into your awareness. Be prepared for human thought-patterns of separation to dissolve. You will come to the state of tranquility that your soul already knows as “I Am.” Getting to Know Your True Nature is intended to be used over and over.

Who am I?” This is the greatest question a human being can ask, and yet so many seekers don’t know what it is they are seeking. Click on the video below and enjoy Suzanne’s description of how she received words to lead each listener to a personal experience of the answer.

Track 1: You are guided by Suzanne with channeled words that de-condition the human thought-patterns of separation, Move beyond an intellectual concept of unity to a heart-felt knowing of the true meaning of Oneness,

Track 2: After a brief introduction, enjoy a free-flow experience to help you achieve an expanded state of consciousness, resting in pure awareness during extended periods of silence.

Booklet: The booklet that comes with each recording (printed with the CD and a PDF download with MP3 and FLAC) is a very unique bonus. When Suzanne sat to write an introduction for the recordings, the words flowed non-stop from Spirit. The resultant description of Oneness and who you are at your core, dictated from the non-physical dimension, will stun you with both its depth and simplicity of expression. You will want to read these special words again and again as they speak directly to your soul.

Available in CD, MP3 and FLAC formats on the Hemi-Sync website. See below for more details about the Hemi-Sync tones, and how to listen to these special recordings.

You, Beyond Your Story

Recording #2: Asking “Who am I beyond my story?” initiates a process known as self-inquiry. This invokes a sense of excitement and opens the mind to a greater reality filled with possibilities. It allows a deeply rooted knowing within you to arise. When you shift your principal identity from the narrow mind of you with a story to your true nature, you experience a state of wholeness.


By experiencing the contrast between identifying with your story and the story-less spaciousness that is your true nature, you come to realize you are not “other” than your story, but far more—allowing you to awaken to the world of wonder and possibility that is your birthright.

Track #1 is a gift of remembrance dictated directly from Spirit to help you dissolve patterns of thought that may be holding you in a contracted state. It brings narrow mind and spacious mind into a flow state, giving glimpses of your true nature in the gaps between the words.

Track #2 is more of a free-flow experience. It provides longer periods in which to dissolve into that which you are as you experience the Hemi-Sync tones and frequencies.

Each track is 23:33 minutes long.

Booklet: The booklet that comes with each recording (printed with the CD and a PDF download with MP3 and FLAC) is a very unique bonus. The “You, Beyond Your Story” booklet contains Suzanne’s personal explanation and inspiration for the reader.

The transformational healing music of “You, Beyond Your Story” is custom composed by Emmy award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer Jim Oliver. The tracks include Hemi-Sync® tones and frequencies that help you move into an expanded state of consciousness to assist you in resting in this space of pure beingness.

"Like uncorking a bottle of champagne, once you ask the deeper questions, answers begin to bubble up with effervescence."
Worship to God
Awakening need not be a lengthy journey filled with effort. It can happen in an instant when the layers of conditioning are seen for what they are.

Available in CD, MP3 and FLAC formats on the Hemi-Sync website. See below for more details about the Hemi-Sync tones, and how to listen to these special recordings.

Why Hemi-Sync?

My awareness of the spirit world and the greater reality came about after I began meditating regularly in hopes of connecting with my step-daughter Susan, who had passed. This commitment to discovering what lies beyond our waking human consciousness has resulted in ever-increasing evidence and clarity of connection with the non-physical world.

Using the Hemi-Sync technology, you can learn the same protocol I use daily and train your brain the same way I did. Hemi-Sync uses specific tones overlaid on specially-chosen music that assists both hemispheres of your brain to come into a coherent, synchronized state. This is the key to a greater connection. Truly, the results are transformational.


The Hemi-Sync audio-guidance process works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals

Signals act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence.

Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention or other desired states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance.


Emmy Award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer Jim Oliver is a highly regarded pioneer of healing with sound and color. Since 1982 he has created more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music. Find more details about Jim and his amazing music at: https://jimolivermusic.com

Audio FAQ

About Suzanne’s CD Sets

  • Why do I hear “sounds” during the free-flow sections, but no music?
    You are hearing the swooshing “pink noise” sound which contains the frequencies and tones of Hemi-Sync. Relax and continue to enjoy your meditation – the technology is working.
  • Do I need special earphones to listen to this recording?
    No, any pair of stereo headphones or speakers will produce the desired Hemi-Sync effect.

FAQ About Downloads

  • What is the difference between an MP3 download and a FLAC download?
    FLAC stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec”. FLAC files are up to six times larger than an MP3, but they are half the size of a CD, and can have the same boost in audio quality. It is like a “high-def MP3”, however not all players can handle FLAC, so please determine your system’s capabilities before ordering this format.
  • How do I get the guidance manual with a download?
    This manual is in a PDF format and you get a link to download it.